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   The founder of
KAZ Talent Services, Kaz Kawazoe is a well-established Japanese author who lives in Los Angeles with more than a dozen books to her name, and currently a columnist for a Japanese magazine called Lighthouse in Southern California.  Though she is a writer, since her daughter, J, born in 1999, became a baby GAP campaign model in fall 2000, Kaz has established the Japanese parents' network called Hollywood Parents Club 4 Models for those who wish to make their children models, and has guided and helped the Japanese parents all over the United States with the know-hows and giving them the audition information for their kids.
    Kaz's activities have evloved over the years, and lead her to establish@KAZ Talent Services. Now we handle not only babies and kids, but Moms & Dads, and even grandparents.

<<Founder Kaz Kawazoe profile and daughter J's resume>>
@Kaz Kawazoe's profile and the resume of her daughter, J, who has been working as a very successful model since she was 9 month old. Her work experience includes Disney catalogs, McDonalds commercials, and co-starring in the TV drama "Heroes."