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KAZ Talent Clients at Work!

Projects our clients have participated:
Carls Jr. commercial, Target commercial, ABC, Neutragena online, Heineken, General Mills, Perrier print, Party City commercial, Nordstrom, Fukkura Genmai commercial, Adidas print, Merch pharmaceuticals print, Marukome Miso soup commercial, Walmart commercial, Stae Farm Commercial, Shin Han Financial Commercial Korea, Pfizer Pharmaceutical Relpax print, Luvs diapers print, H&M Catalogue, Subaru Commercial, inVentiv Health Company Humalog print, Play Station print, It's Supernatural w/Sid Roth Viral Program, Disney Hawaii Vacation print, Toyota Commercial, various music videos......etc.

We don't have all the talents' works, but here are some that you can see:

Diahatsu mira e:S
Aired in Japan. A secretary/interpreter walking next to Bruce Wills is with KAZ Talent.
The Asian soldier with a rifle is with KAZ Talent.
Tele 2
Three men in Karaoke bar are with KAZ Talent, aired in Eastern Europe.
Pre-teen girl in this commercial is with KAZ Talent.
Target, Mohawk
The Asian baby at the very last scene is with KAZ Talent.
Semir Tee, I love LA
KAZ Talent booked 3 youngsters for this project.
Semir Tee, Domino
KAZ Talent booked 11 people for this project.
Train Lika a Ranger, PSA
The girl playing a video game, and the boy on a couch in navy color T-shirt surprizing are with KAZ Talent.
There are 4 other clips of this series.

Verizon commrecial for Asian Market, USA
The little girl is with KAZ Talent.
Baby GAP online
This baby is with KAZ Talent.
Scooter Store commrecial
The Grandmother chasing a little girl and the man on a scooter passing in front of the foundain are with KAZ Talent.
Disney Resort Aulani
The Asian boy and mom are with KAZ Talent. They traveled to Hawaii and stayed for 10 days.
"Toy Story 3" promotion fake commercial
The both girls, the voice over announcer and the girls singing the commercial song are all booked by KAZ Talent
US Cesus 2010 Japanese "Doors"
The girl answering the door with a mom is with KAZ Talent
US Census 2010 Filipino pint "Friendly rep"
The Filipino lady at the door was booked by KAZ Talent
US Cesus 2010 Japanese "Ten"
The female teacher by the bleacher is with KAZ Talent
US Census 2010 Filipino "Ten"
The senior man filling out the census, the construction worker, and the groom in the limo are all booked by KAZ Talent
US Cesus 2010 Japanese print "Mail box"
The girl in a pink shirt, holding the number '0' is with KAZ Talent
US Census 2010 Japanese "Empowerment"
The girl with the father is with KAZ Talent
The Hartford Insurance
The girl playing the violin is with KAZ Talent
Marukome Miso Salad Dressing, Japanese, Aired in USA
The girl is with KAZ Talent
Renault Samsung SM5, Aired in Korea
The boy is with KAZ Talent, the shoot was taken place in Long Island, NY.
Marukome Miso BBQ Sauce, Japanese, Aired in USA
Both children are with KAZ Talent
State Farm Insurance, Mandarin, Aired in USA
The baby in a black shirt is with KAZ Talent

Getty Images & Amamo Stock Photography
All the children in those photos are with KAZ Talent